Installation to a wall or a fence

Drill out the 4 preformed holes which are in the back of the letterbox using a 6 mm drillbit made from hardened steel.

Although USPS does not regulate the mounting of mailboxes on the house in situations where USPS delivers directly to the customers’ door, we recommend that the mailbox be mounted in a safe place with easy access for both the carrier and the home owner. The height from the ground to the mail-slot opening is recommended to be 41”- 45”.

If you are uncertain about the placement please contact your local postmaster prior to your installation.

Measurements and mounting instructions

There are 4 preformed holes on the back of the letterbox.

Using a 6 mm drillbit made from hardened steel...

drill out the holes with low speed
drill and clean the holes.

Ready for fastening.

Check the correct height....

...and fasten it.

Write down and save the key code.

In a group leave a "cleaning space" between letterboxes.