Installation on Bobi Round stand

The stand wil be installed over the letterbox. All fittings and fixing instructions are in the stand package.
For installing you need a drill, 1/4" or 6 mm drillbit made from hardened steel, measuring tape and a spade to dig the hole.
We recommend using concrete for a secure and solid installation.
Before installing the mailbox to the curbside see the USPS instructions to ensure its correct placement and height at the street.

Measurements and Mounting instructions

There are 2 preformed holes on the
sides of the letterbox.

Using a 1/4" drillbit made from hardened steel...

Drill out the holes with low speed
drill and clean the holes.

By using the fittings provided....

Fasten the parts together.

Dig  ca. 20"  deep hole

Check the level and the height...

...of the letterslot (41"-45")

Fill the hole with gravel or concrete.

You may finish your new letterbox
with name & street numbers...

Bobi Round stand fits all Bobi

Write down and save the key code.