Locks and keys

BOBI lock

The BOBI lock is a quality cylinder lock with a dustcover. 3 keys are included.

Need extra keys? Check below.

The lock can also easily be  changed to a BOBI keyless lock. Check below. 

bobi lock with 2 keys

Extra keys for BOBI lock

If you need extra keys you can order key blanks.

Your unique key number is marked on each key you received when you purchased your BOBI letterbox. The number should read KT or TK +4 Numbers, f.ex. KT3020

Because our steel keys are European made it can be difficult to find duplicate or replacements blanks for our keys locally at your Chain Home Center or Hardware Store.

We offer Bobi Key Blanks  for taking to a local professional locksmith where they can make copies using one of your original Bobi keys. A locksmith will usually charge about $3 to make a copy of a key when you have an original key you can bring them. Just order as many blanks as you want and take them with one of your original Bobi keys to your local professional locksmith for quick key copies while you wait.

Be sure to find a certified professional locksmith company close to you and not the typical hardware or chain store where they usually only can make simple one sided keys.

Be sure also to order the right key profile TK or KT


 Bobi key TK KT

BOBI keyless lock.

Prefer an unlocked letterbox? BOBI locks can also easily be changed to a BOBI keyless lock. 

thumb latch