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The BOBI GRANDE is not only grand in volume but also in its many details. Features an inward opening letterplate that can be adjusted portable making the mailslot size 0-3" according to your individual postal needs. Approved by the U.S. Postal Service. US Design Patent.

• Width: 12.5"
• Height: 23.6"
• Depth: 10.6"
• Mailslot: 0-3"(adjustable) x 10.25" (Watch the video below)

Material and color
• Stainless steel. Surface brushed.
• Zincplated steel. Polyester coated. Colors according to the RAL color chart. Letterplate always stainless steel.

Lock and keys
• BOBI Cylinderlock. 3 keys included.

Additional accessories
• Extra keys
• BOBI Keyless lock - the standard lock can easily be changed
• Security baffle

USPS instruction
• Installation to a wall or fence
• Installation with BOBI ROUND mailbox stand

Check how to adjust the mailslot size.

Watch how we make them.

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